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Reel 1&2 for Baby Shark's Big Show

Reel 1:

Baby Shark and William swim to the bottom of the ocean to prove to Shadow they are brave enough. 


We’re down here 

William and I 

Making our way 

To the bottom of the sea

Many leagues 

for us to dive

No telling what 

we might find


Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait 

To prove to Shadow that I’m not afraid

I hope, I hope, I hope 

We make it there soon, I’m starting to think 


Are we in over our heads?

Should we have stayed back?


We made it to the bottom of the sea

No one will believe

We made it to the bottom of the sea 

And no one will believe 

Reel 2:

There’s a bigger ocean out there than Baby Shark ever imagined. Going out to make new discoveries and help other fish in need is the goal.


Everyday the tides come in and out

I wonder where they go

So much discovery still to be found 

Just waiting for me


I don’t want to live under a shell

Beyond the buoys there’s so much to see

And I don’t wanna waste one more moment waiting


We can’t be the only fish in the sea

There must be more of us 

Across the vast ocean of waves and sand    

And I know we could lend a helping fin 

Where ever it is needed

Where ever the currents take me that is where I’ll be

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